Welcome To OpenPolicyForum

Welcome To OpenPolicyForum

Hey. James here. Founder of open policy forum.  I have been a long time student of all things education. Having been in school for the majority of my life I wanted to create a website that touches on seeking out knowledge and being open about it.

There is a major problem we have here in the united states. People are afraid to speak up on touchy topics and in order to that there must be an open policy. You hear it in the military where commanders sometimes say I have an ‘open door policy’ which basically means you can come in there and talk out concerns you may have. You are welcome to discuss things that are on your mind.

Here in America, like other places around the world people simply want to be free, to be open to discuss topics that matter to them most and that is what I want there at open policy forum. A place where you can come and get some content that hits home with you. Education matters the most to me because without it you can really stuck like chuck.

Did you know that recently student loan debt surpassed credit card debt? It tops $1.4 trillion dollars and how many college graduates are working for someone else and salaries that do not even remotely come close to what they deserve. These students spent 4 to 5 years in college and took out 5 to 6 figures in student loan debt and they are working as a barista at Starbucks? No disrespect to employees that work there but if you took out that much money in student loans and are barely making minimum wage something is severely wrong in our education system

Are we asking the tough questions and what can be done about it? Did our school system teach us to be entrepreneurs or just how to work for someone else, learn and trade and get a job? I suppose there is nothing wrong with that if you want to work for someone else until you are 65 years old but that isn’t true living to me. Everyone has a gift. You can be like the guys over at www.sanantonioasphaltinstallation.com who help people with their paving needs. You could be a dentist, lawyer or tradesman but you have to do what you love and enjoy. It can’t be a situation where you have someone else dictating your day or telling you what to do. You have to have control and leverage of your own life.

People here in America are working for less pay, longer hours and less benefits then ever before and what do they have to show for it? To be open, we have to be willing to ask the tough questions and many people are afraid to do that. The company dress code and policy is to keep your mouth shut, do was you are told, wear the clothes you are told to wear, adhere to its policy or face the consequences. Is that freedom?

Let’s be more open about the topics that most are not focusing on. Turn off the television and instead of paying attention to wha Hillary and Donald are bitching and complaining about start focusing on you. What do you want our of life? Would you like more residual income coming in rather than just trading time for a paycheck every damn day. How about some more time with your children or those that you love most? This is where self-education, education that is free comes into play. It doesn’t require you taking out 5 to 6 figures in debt in order to get it. You can find it by opening a book at the local library or searching for it.

If you have a specific topic you would like me to write about feel free to get in contact with me.

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