$1.4 Trillion In Student Loan Debt?

$1.4 Trillion In Student Loan Debt?

$1.4 Trillion In Student Loan Debt

That is the total amount of student loans college graduates are currently looking at. How absurd is it that we all have been taught that in order to get a great job you must have a college degree and in order to get one you must load yourself down with student loan debt?

Why is it that there are people around the country here in the states and around the world who never finished high school or dropped out of college who are financially stable? How come those that have done what they were told and went on to complete high school or college are struggling financially?

What is going on with the philosophies we have been taught? Are they correct? Are they wrong? Here the policy is always open and I am not interested in the ho-hum, status quo of just buying everything we have been taught as if it is set in stone.

There is a major problem college graduates are facing. Too much debt and not being paid what they are worth. This is the reality of most jobs. You trade your time for a dollar and expect to get ahead. The government takes a cut of your own income before you even see it. This is not my idea of leverage if you ask me. It is modern day slavery albiet a kinder, somewhat more humane version…if you want to call it that.

If we are going to be open about topics that matter we have to be honest with ourselves. Is getting a college degree today still worth it? Can the ordinary employee become financially independent without a degree and why have so many people been taught that it is “the way to go”. You can always start a Vasayo business utilizing a system to generate residual income as an option. Check out http://www.npennington.com

How many college graduates are working jobs today and they don’t even work in an area in which they studied. I recently watched a video of steve harvey that reminded me of what I am writing in this post that I have attached to this post. He states sometimes we have to jump, get out of our comfort zones. The reality is unless we do our parachute will never open as Harvey states in the video.

There are far too many hard working, educated, diligent men and women around the world who were taught a philosophy that keeps them working as debt slaves. We are taught to be home owners, take out that mortgage so you can be a slave to the bank for the next 30 to 40 years despite the fact that you purchased the home yourself the moment you signed the note. This is a very less known reality that bankers know about but the general public, who have been taught that the bank lends them money, have not quite caught on to yet.

Enjoy the video, think about what Mr. Harvey is talking about and see if it does not hit home for you as greatly as it did for me. I have watched this video now at least 20 times and it never gets old. Sooner or later we need to jump. I believe self-education is more important then formal education, far cheaper with far less financial risk and its free.

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