You have to have money to make money. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Rich people are greedy. You need to go to school, get good grades, get a college degree so you can get a good paying job. Santa Clause with his big ole fat ass is going to climb down a chimney and deliver gifts and somehow get back up and fly his magnificent sleigh into the sky and repeat a good 7+ billion times in one night.

Philosophies, all taught and don’t be shy, most of the time we believed it especially when we were kids. What happened? We grew up and learned the facts and no longer believe what we once thought of as truth. Why do so many still believe these same, bold faced lies? Why are people today who hold college degrees and advanced degrees working longer hours, with less pay and benefits and have nothing to show for their hard work?

Philosophies..being told if you do A you will get B. If you follow this set course of actions you will get these results. How many people have believed and listened to the philosophy that going to school to get a college degree was going to make them wealthy and well-off? Damn near everybody. Anyone who works as an employee and lives paycheck to paycheck knows this is one of the biggest lies ever told to mankind.

Be a homeowner! Does the average citizen fully realize the true meaning of ‘mortgage’?

Mortgage is a french term that actually means ‘death pledge’. Mort= death, gage=pledge. The term homeowner doesn’t sound so warm and comforting any more now does it? There is honor in working as an employee, don’t get me wrong. We need employees, no question about it but if you take out 6 figures in loans from a corrupt bank it keeps you a slave to that bank for the next 30 to 40 years of your life.

There is a reason banks are always advertising for you to take out a “loan” with them. They know the customer funds the loan check via the promissory note the customer signs. It is used as cash to a bank and to fund the check they cut and give to you. I highly advise the reader to look up any of Thomas Schauf’s books online. All are free and can give you a better understanding of this.

This, too is another philosophy so many people have been taught that keeps them broke. The bank gives up nothing in actual cash value. The customer, who places their autograph on the promissory note funds the check because the note is same as cash to a bank. Did your bank tell you that or have you most of your life just thought they lent you depositors money?

Philosophies, there are many out there and often times we spend our lives believing in these philosophies that lead us down the road we do not want to travel. Start a business. Do something you love. I a friend who owns who builds, designs and installs swimming pools for a living. He loves it. Get away from just working for a paycheck. Uncle Sugar (the government) loves taking a portion of your hard earned income for free. Do something about it. Find what works best for you and seek the truth. It will never steer you the wrong way.

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