Employee vs Entrepreneur

Employee vs Entrepreneur

Employee vs Entrepreneur

Both require work. You cannot just sit on your rear end and expect to be compensated by choosing to do both. One has far less leverage then the other. Can you guess which one? Who, between the two, is taxed more? The employee or the entrepreneur?

Which of the two choices do you think requires you have to continue to show up somewhere to warm a seat for 8 to 12 hours per day (or more) in order to get paid? Which of the two can one build residual income and actually find the freedom to spend with those they love and still get paid? The first question is answered by stating the employee. The employee carries the heaviest burden, is taxed the highest, has to continue to start over from ground zero each day in order to get paid.

There is no residual income present when working as an employee. Can you invest your hard earned dollars in other assets to generate residual income while working as an employee? Absolutely but in order to get paid and continue to get paid the employee must answer to someone else who tells him or her where to be, what time to be there, when to take a lunch and when they can go home. Find something that is going to add value to another human being. It could be pool deck repair services like my friend Chris. You can check his site out over at www.pooldeckrepairsanantonio.com How many people around the world have swimming pools? Countless. How many businesses have them such as hotels or water parks? Countless.

Now you are using leverage. A job is ok if you want to work for someone for the rest of your life. It pays the bills but there is no leverage. Find something where you are providing a service but it is a lucrative avenue of approach.

This is the reality for most and for most people this is acceptable. These hard working, often highly educated, diligent men and women are fine with working for someone else and collecting a paycheck every two weeks. The problem is there is no leverage in it. Your time and life is far more precious than any amount of money. If you are an employee someone else sat back and decided…hmmm, we’ll pay this individual set amount of money for his or her time trade.

There are people, like Steve Harvey talks about in the video that is in my $1.4 trillion dollar post, who cut grass for a living. His business is worth $4 million dollars and that is all he does. That is his specialty.

Is your time worth $10 per hour, $1000 per hour? No, your time is priceless and if you work a job trading life for pay it simply means someone else has control over your time. I want to be open about my thoughts here at open policy forum. There are millions of people around the world who feel like this and even those that work jobs they used to love and are slowly waking up to the reality that there is no leverage in a job.

What can one do to get out of the so-called ‘rat race’ we all have heard about? Decide to become a business owner or an entrepreneur. There is less of a chance of losing leverage if you are working for yourself rather than having someone else dictate how you are to spend your day. We all have been taught to go to school, get good grades, get a college degree and get a job. Uncle Sam loves it, the Rockefeller school system perfected this massive psychological trick on the public and countless amounts of people have been duped by it. It is time we start looking at other avenues of generating income other than just working a job somewhere.

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